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Wimborne and Colehill Successfully Renew Fairtrade Community Status

Here's the certificate...

Award Certificate 2024.pdf 


Fairtrade Fortnight 2024

Don't be caught out - Fairtrade Fortnight has moved this year from February to September - 

More details will follow later but for now - 

 Fairtrade Fortnight 2024 will be moving to Monday 9 September – Sunday 22 September  as part of The Fairtrade Foundation's year-long 30th anniversary celebrations.


 Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Community

is part of Planet Wimborne


Planet Wimborne is an Umbrella Group bringing together

many organisations active in Wimborne and its surrounding area.

These organisations are all working towards

a more ethical and sustainable local community.

Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Community are

promoting both ethical and sustainable trading and therefore

we are members of Planet Wimborne.

Check out their website



Journal of Fair Trade has recently launched - 

Check it out on 


If you would like your business to be listed as a FairTrade supplier in Wimborne or Colehill, please apply for registration.